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This class includes instruction on:


* Stages of labor: You will learn how to identify the signs of       labor, how it works,   what happens to your body as your baby       makes his or her way into the world.Including, when to call         and when to go in.


* Role of the labor partner or coach, as well as how to support you   during labor.


* Relaxation and pushing techniques including, coping strategies     from massage to positioning and breathing.


* Specific types of births such as cesarean( C-Section) and vaginal   birth after a     cesarean(VBAC), the induction process, forceps   and vacuum deliveries including postpartum expectations.


* Options for handling pain, and the pros and cons of common         medications, such as     narcotic analgesics and epidural blocks.


* Lamaze breathing techniques. The goal of Lamaze is to help you     understand how to cope with pain in ways that both facilitate       labor and promote comfort, including focused breathing,             movement and massage.



Also included:


* Baby care basics which covers characteristics of a newborn,         dressing, undressing,bathing,diapering,swaddling,circumcision       care and umbilical care, sleep and immunization as well as         choosing a Pediatrician.



* Breast feeding techniques, facts and myths, proper latch and       positioning. How much to feed, how often, how to be sure that the   baby is getting enough milk. Common issues with nursing and ways   to prevent them. Pumping and nutrition while breast feeding, and   what to expect the first few weeks, as well as ways to support a   breast feeding mom. Learning how to breast feed and how it works   before the baby is born is extremely helpful and can prevent       difficulties in early weeks.


             In addition a birth film will be shown 

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